Monday, March 16, 2009

A Visit

The girls and I went with my mom recently to visit my Aunt Eddie (moms sister). She still lives in my moms hometown of Norris City. We had a good visit. We ate lunch and the girls tried to wreck her house. But they were still pretty good I guess. :) While we were there her daughter came to visit on her lunch hour. I don't get to see my cousin Linda much. It was good talking with her.

Here are the sisters. Can't ya tell? Eddie is the oldest sister and mom the youngest of the bunch.

She thinks a lot of the girls. She thinks they are "sweet".

As a child I always called her "Eddie" because "Aunt Eddie" was too hard to say. I still get tongue tied when saying it. She has never liked her name and still questions why my granny named her that. Come to find out Granny's dads was name was Edward. But that didn't matter to my Aunt!
We always remember each others birthdays too. I was born on April 13Th, the year she turned 30 on May 13.

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