Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend In Indy

We have went to Indianapolis almost every year since we were married to go to the Supercross (motorcycle) races. I always look forward to it because about this time of year I get the "winter blues" and this year is no exception. The girls have been so excited and asking when it was time to go to the hotel for weeks. They knew they were going to get to swim!

The races are always at the Colts Stadium. This year would be the first year in the new stadium. We always get a hotel within walking distance and close to the mall too. That way Dave can go watch the practice races and I can shop!

This year my sister and her family decided to come too. They were excited as well. First of all, they hadn't ever been to the races and they are BIG Colts fans. They were just as excited to see the Stadium.

We drove up on Friday. We arrived at the Omni Hotel around 4. Checked out our rooms and then hit the Mall. The 3 boys took off on their own while the rest of us cruised around, mostly looking! We checked out the Colts Store (my sis was in Heaven). The girls couldn't wait to go swimming. So to the pool we went. I have to say this was my least favorite thing to do, but I'll do anything to make my kids happy. After that we walked over to eat at Hooters. (the boys wanted to eat there)

On Saturday us girls hit the shops. Of course we mostly looked around. Donna (my sis) bought the girls a new outfit each for summer. Thank you Aunt Donna. We grabbed a pretzel and cookies before going to the pool again! The guys went to watch some practice races and came back to get a sandwich. The girls and I stayed back at the Hotel while everyone else went to the races. We had a great view from our room and the girls watched the fireworks from the opening ceremonies. It was pretty cool. We also had a good view of the ice skating rink as well. Everyone reported that the races were good.

We had a great time. It was nice having my sister and her family along this year. We always have a good time. I'm ready for next year already!

Colin (12), Daniel (16), Jaise (18), Lindy & Molly (4)

The boys with some Hooters Girls!

Lindy applying lip gloss at the Bath & Body Works store.

Molly at the pool.

The girls colored while everyone was at the races.

Tuckered out!

View from our room. The Lucas Oil Stadium is on the left of the photo. The pile of rubble in the middle is what is left of the RCA Dome. And the skating rink is the building with the white roof.

On Sunday morning when we were leaving Colin was able to get a photo with his favorite racer!! James Stewart was staying in our hotel too!! Colin was so very excited about this. We knew there were racers in our hotel but we didn't know who. James got second last night but is tied for the lead in points!!

(scroll down to pause the music)

This is Molly in the pool. She is cautious when it comes to swimming.

This is daredevil Lindy. She is not afraid of the water at all. It will take her no time to learn to swim.


Lacy said...

Looks like you guys had more fun in Indy than we did:) Kaite loved Lindy's cheeta outfit and bow. She also liked the pictures of both girls swimming. She is ready to go back to the hotel to swim now.

Chasity said...

I love the videos of the girls, it looks like the Weekend in Indy was amazing. The girls look like are ready for summertime and swimming! Great Job girls!