Monday, March 9, 2009

So Far This Week

I accomplished two things with this arrangement I put together of some photos of Lindy. I had to use the Corel program to learn how to print words on photos for my night class I'm taking at the college. I figured it out as you can see. The only problem is I got a date wrong. The top left picture should say 12/18/2007 (not 2005).
While I'm getting this done I see on a Yahoo group I'm in that Jeff from Packages of Hope is traveling to China and going to Lindy's orphanage. He has volunteered to deliver photos of children who have been adopted to the director. So I emailed this page to him and he is taking with him next week. I'm so thankful to Jeff and excited for them to see how Lindy has grown and thriving in our care.
Jeff is the director of (click here for info) Packages Of Hope. They provide help to a handful of orphanages in China through donations from all over the states. The Bengbu orphanage has received playground equipment, food, party supplies, toys and countless other items because of this organization. Our hats are off to Jeff and his staff here and in China.
Our week is going great. Last Sunday the girls went to another birthday party for a classmate at the skating rink. The girls are getting good at skating. They don't require much help. Of course we tighten up the wheels so they only roll some, but I can already see progress in their skating abilities. They were very excited that there was a pinata to hit too.
The time change has been rough on us too. The girls do not want to get out of bed in the morning. The weather is also getting nice and they are enjoying some time outdoors. They went for a bike ride on Sunday. David said they rode many blocks around town. The girls are also using the see saw they got for their birthday a lot. I took them to the park Sunday evening. The girls ran all over the place.

This week at school they are learning about dinosaurs. Molly is a bit frustrated because she can't pronounce the names too well. But she is very interested in them. Lindy pretends to be one. She gets down on her hand & knees and crawls around. I even saw her pretending to eat or drink like a dinosaur (it sounded like a dog drinking water from a bowl). I laughed at that one.

Last week our friends Rhonda & her daughter Kristy came by. Kristy gave the girls her keyboard (she didn't want it any more). It's really nice. We've been plunking on it this week too. I hope at least one of them wants to play. Thanks a bunch Kristy.
Lindy has shown interest in dressing herself more lately. One day she wore her turtleneck shirt backwards to school. I didn't notice it until bath time!! The thing is I helped her with it that morning and didn't catch it!! (oh my) Then when she was home with her dad she dressed herself. When I came home she had wore her jeans backwards all day. They had went all over town on bikes and no telling who saw this!! David argues that the pants had the cute little pockets that should go in the front (Lindy had put them in the back) so it wasn't his fault!! Tonight at bath time she was working on getting her shirt off. You should have seen it! She had her arms through the neck hole! We will get there with more practice.

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Heather carter said...

dont feel bad sherry....Steven sent jaron to school with swimming trunks on one I came home from work and said jaron did you wear swimming trunks to school, he said thats what daddy gave