Saturday, March 28, 2009

Petting Zoo

On the last day of school before Spring break the high school sponsored a petting zoo for the little kids. So after I picked them up from school I took the girls there. I thought it would be a rinky dink thing but I was surprised. There were several animal there and lots of kids. Molly & Lindy were excited to go.

First stop was this pig. Of course Lindy wouldn't even stand by the cage! Molly touched the pig!

Once we got into the building Lindy decided my leg was her friend. It was pretty loud and there was dogs, big dogs, everywhere. She does not like dogs.

The only things she would pet was this rabbit and a cat. Oh, and I convinced her to touch a small chicken too.

Here is this little chicken. Molly said it was soft. All Lindy was worried about was it's wings.

This goat was Molly's favorite animal. She spent a lot of time tyring to get it to eat some hay. It loved being scratched on its head. It was very tame.

Check out the baby duck. Molly was a brave girl and pet nearly every animal today, even a big Labrador dog. Lindy, on the other hand, was okay just standing back and watching.

There was even a tom turkey strutting around. Molly asked to pet it, so the girls picked him up. Lindy did not like the "big chicken" one bit!!

Poor thing!

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Lacy said...

Poor Lindy!!! It looks like the girls had a good time despite having to be so close to those creatures:) I am with Lindy, that turkey aka big chicken did not look friendly.