Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Surprise Delivery

We have been trying to get our back yard cleared up because of a special delivery that I knew was coming. We had the broken down carport (from the ice storm) cleaned up and the old shed cleaned out. But today was the day. So David got to bed early today so we could work on it before the surprise came.
My parents came around 4:00 and we started in on the rumpled shed. It was a job, but soon it was history. We also cut down a tree that grew next to the shed. It wasn't too big, but made some work!! I know one thing I am going to be very sore in the morning!! I will be the first to admit that I have become soft since I quit my full time warehouse job. I feel like a truck has ran over me! I know-- WHIMPIE!
Anyway, back to the story. A few months ago my sister Donna & BIL Jeff asked if they could give the girls their trampoline and swing set. I said sure (like I'd say no??)! They wanted to bring the trampoline and clubhouse part of the swing set today.
I hadn't told the girls about the gifts from Aunt Donna & Uncle Jeff. And when they arrived they still didn't have a clue. The trampoline was in pieces and the club house on it's side. But soon they were jumping for joy and trying to help put the trampoline together! They abandoned their bikes for the new play toys. The clubhouse is big and very heavy! Jeff made it himself from a kit when Jaise was small ( he is almost 19 now). The slide it awesome! The swing part of the deal will have to come on another day. It wouldn't fit on the trailer this time.

Ta Da! Lindy was already trying to do flips!

Molly was bouncing like a rag doll!!

Can you tell how much Lindy likes it?

Who said the "big kids" don't want it any more? Here is Daniel and Colin up on it too. Oh, and Uncle Jeff had to show us his back flip too! You think they'll want it back?

Check out this clubhouse. Cool, but we think we are going to officially call it a "doll house" from now on.

Here is Molly & Lindy with Aunt Donna & Uncle Jeff.

Mamaw & Papaw with two dirty girls. (I guess I forgot how trampolines make everything black)
I plan to order a new guard net and a spring cover for the trampoline. And the club house needs a new roof and some paint or stain. We are very proud of it already. The girls old swing is about to break in the middle. It's worn out. So this a wonderful gift for them to enjoy this summer.
We enjoyed a simple supper of homemade potato soup, hot dogs & angel food cake outside this evening. It was a beautiful day.

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Chasity said...

Now that looks like a great way to spend the summer, mind if we come over! LOL

We hope the girls love it, they looked very excited, what a wonderful surprise!

They may be dirty, but they are so darn cute!

Happy Playing,