Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Company, Cakes & Kids

This picture was taken yesterday evening when we went for a bike ride/walk. The girls are getting very good at riding their bikes and are getting more confidant too. Soon after I took this picture Lindy was pedaling like mad and (picture it) the front wheels starts to wobble the back wheel jumps from side to side and bam! Looked pretty wild, but luckily she landed in the grass. She thought about crying, but didn't. She got right back on and was more worried about Molly getting ahead of her.
We walked/rode all over the neighborhood. It was a good evening to be out. When we got back home we played in the back yard some. They really like the trampoline.

Today has been a busy one. I knew my family were planning to come tonight. My sister & BIL had loaded the swing part of the jungle gym and wanted to bring it over. So I had to get in some groceries and plan supper. My parents came too. I made pizza.

This afternoon I got in a little sewing on a quilt I have been working on. The kids were all over me so I put it away and got out their quilt squares. Now that had their interest. They got to pick out the squares of fabric as I sewed them together. Molly cannot wait until it's finished. I don't think she realizes how long it will actually take.

Anyway after our company left, I started on the baking for my weekend cake orders. I have so many this weekend that I have to bake ahead and freeze them. Tomorrow I plan to make a few gallons of icing to put in the frig and bake some more. Oh, and I am taking the kids to a petting zoo they are having at the high school after school tomorrow. Should be lots of fun!

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Chasity said...

Oh, my goodness, they look to be having fun. I think you stopped the video just in time. Was it Molly crying out as Lindy jumped on her? To funny, sounds like my kids on the trampoline. I love the video, it is so cute!