Monday, March 16, 2009

In My Spare Time

I enjoy making quilt tops in my spare time. Here is a red pinwheel style that I made from left over fabrics from another quilt.

I joined a yahoo group of ladies who like to quilt. We had a house block exchange. Here is my finished top with the houses I swapped with. 5 of them are mine, the others I have swapped for.

This one is just strips I joined together.

And this I call my Bulls eye. This one is finished. My mom hand quilted it and it turned out beautifully. She did a great job.

Here is a close up of her amazing work. (I cannot hand quilt)

Most of these quilts are for sale. Or if you'd like one special made for you, just ask. I really enjoy doing them.
I am planning to start on the quilts I am making for my girls next week. I have been collecting fabric from family & friends to make them each a 100 good wishes quilt. They are very excited as they get to "help" me. (this should be interesting). We are going to have a lot of fun. They like to watch me when I sew. And they are my greatest fans! (they think everything i make is "beautiful") I'm so lucky to have such loving kids.

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Chasity said...

You have done such a beautiful job on your quilts. I adore the house top quilt. Very creative!