Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Embarrassing Moment

Okay, we all have those days. When you can't believe it yourself. Will I've had one of those recently! So here's my story....

We all have our favorite pair of jeans. Well, mine aren't that old yet, at least I didn't think so. (can you tell where this is going)

The girls and I went to the mall the other day to meet friends for playgroup. The day went well. I had Spring pictures made of the girls at Penny's, ate lunch in the food court with friends and then met others at the play area. We spent a few hours there and then headed home. For dinner we went to a pizza place in town.

This is what I found when I took my jeans off that night! Oh My Gosh!! How long has that been there??? I was mortified to say the least. And it's not a tiny hole, it's huge! My jeans aren't that old are they? Maybe it's weak denim? (yeah that's it) So, I must have walked around the mall all day with this hole in my pants. The first thing I thought was "oh well, I don't know anyone at the mall".... but wait a minute I met a bunch of friends remember! Did they notice? Why didn't anyone say anything? But, would I have if it has been them? I don't know! I'm still saying OMG!!! And to add to the fire I was sporting bright RED undies that day. Hey!! Atleast I had them on! I am really hoping that my shirt hide the hole, but probably not.

Oh well, it's over and done now. Can't take it back. Hope everyone enjoyed the free undie show at the mall. Now I am mourning my favorite jeans. I could sew them up, but I'm afraid the next rip would be worse!!

Goodbye jeans, I'll miss you.


Laney - Chris said...

Sherry! That is just too funny. For the record, I didn't notice a hole when we saw you at the mall. So, if you are down a pair of jeans, does that mean you get to go shopping?!?!? HeHe

Love your stories! Laney

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I needed a good laugh. I am glad to hear others' embarrassing momemnts!! I have too many of them (mostly my zippers being down, food on my shirt (often), etc. The red underwear made your story even funnier.