Monday, April 13, 2009

Trip To Tennessee

Good Friday is a holiday for David at work, so we packed up and headed to Cottontown TN to visit his sister Ellen & her family. This time David's mom was able to go with us.
Mike & Ellen have lived there for almost two years now. There are a few things they miss from here, like Taco Tierra and Sandy's Pizza in Ft. Branch. We were able to take pizza with us this time. It was really good.
We really did not have much planned to do except enjoy the kids ball games. But, the weather did not cooperate and we didn't get to see any games :( As a matter of fact, on Friday there were tornado's in the area and we had to take shelter in a neighbors basement.
Ellen & I did make it to the mall Thursday evening and David got to check out a few motorcycle shops in the area. But other than that we just hung out and the girls played and played.

Ellen's bath tub is a big one. All three girls took a bubble bath one night.

Faith turned 6 in March. She was still sporting a front tooth when we arrived. But with Aunt Sherry's help (I pulled it for her) she is now $2 richer after the tooth fairy came. Molly & Lindy insisted that the tooth fairy was not real.... until they saw the money where the tooth had been. Then they were convinced and can't wait until it's their turn!

We had a great visit.

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