Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Dip

While the kids were at school today I got their pool put. I only put a little water in it because I thought it would be too cold for them to get in. They were so excited when they saw it when they got home.
I couldn't hardly get lunch fixed for them wanting the suits on. So soon after noon they were getting wet!

They decided pretty quick there wasn't enough water. So we filled it up.

Then at 3:00 we took a ice cream break. I went inside to clean up the kitchen. This is what I found when I went back out..................

(I wonder what the neighbors thought)

Then they decided to make a mud hole. It has been a beautiful day. The girls played out doors all afternoon. They should sleep well. :)

(scroll down and pause the music)


Chasity said...

Oh, wow the girls look to be having a ball. That is a nice treat to have the pool ready after arriving home. Mommy is pretty great!

Love, the mudd hole! Their rain boots are so darn cute!

Chasity said...

By the way, Trayjan laughed at he skinny dipping shot.

Lacy said...

Oh My! They can not get any cuter. You are such a fun mommy. I loved that they went skinny dipping. LOL! Don't worry about the neighbors. Katie has been wearing a bathing suit since January. The neighbors get used to it, but I think the UPS guy thinks we are nuts:)

I also have to add that I have a special place in my heart for animal rain boots. My little Justin wore a pair of "frog boots" every day for over 2 years. He wore them rain, snow or shine. He also wore them with shorts, jeans, sweat pants and dress pants... Every time I see a pair of them it takes me back to when all my babies were small. I miss it! Katie has a pair of giraffe boots. But she doesn't wear them like Justin did.

Tana Sue Hargett said...

OMG, love the naked little butts. That is so darn funny and cute. I guess Lindy didn't want any tan lines. Ha ha I love that picture. I am sure as they get older that picture will somehow come back to haunt the both of them.