Monday, May 11, 2009

This & That

Had to post this one!

I found them "washing their boots" one day.

Drumroll....... Lindy is feeding Spot (mamaw & papaw's dog)!
This is a big step for her.

Another skating party. Here they are with the birthday girl, Erica.

Lindy's frist real braids! She was so proud of them.

Popcycle anyone?

Trampoline fun. They loved seeing how high the seedlings would bounce.

Molly, future hairdresser!

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Chasity said...

Oh, my goodness, where do I begin. The close up of Lindy is such a gorgeous picture. The washing of the boots is just to cute. Could you get them to wash anything else, like the windows or dishes? When Molly's done with Lindy's hair, send her on over to tackle Jie's. Adorable!