Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going's On

Not much going on around here. The girls have not had school for two days. (only children going to kindergarten was going) So they have gotten to stay up later. Molly has a hard time going to bed when it is still light out. I have a full weekend coming up. We have a graduation and a wedding to go to, plus I have several cakes lined up. Have you ever checked out my cake blog? Click here.

I have Lindy's "One Hundred Wishes" quilt top complete. Molly's is started. They both had a great time "helping" me with the squares. They would choose two and I would sew them. I have choose the backing and will start on them soon. They are going to be awesome.

We had peanut butter cookies. But this time they smashed them with a fork. "really cool mom"

Jumping on the trampoline results in black feet. So.....

we are sponging off in the sink. I think the girls like this better than a real bath.

And I received my package of quilt blocks this week. I joined a block swap. I made nine orange blocks and nine yellow blocks (they are on the right). I sent them to the organizer and she distributed out all the other colors. So I received one of every color and style. I can't wait to make a top.

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Mushyhed said...

I received your block and love it! I've already put my quilt top together if you want to take a look