Friday, May 29, 2009

First Wedding

Last Saturday the girls and I went to my cousins wedding. It was the first for them. They were very excited. You see, they have watched the skunks get married on "Little Bear" (a cartoon) many times. Every time we go down the flower aisle at Wa*mart Molly grabs a bouquet of flowers and hums "dum-dum-dadum" as she steps off sown the aisle. What a hoot! Anyway, they were excited until I told them they would have to be quite during the service, just like being at church. They didn't like that idea too well.

When we got there Conner was saving a seat by him. He is my cousin Linda's boy. Isn't he cute in his little suit? He is just finishing kindergarten. They had a great time together.

Here is a photo of some of my family.
Top- Matt (cousin), Brenda (bride), & Greg (cousin & groom)
Seated- Betty & Eddie (aunts & mom's sisters) & Judy (my mom)

We had a nice day. I got to spend some time with family I don't see too often. I hadn't seen Matt & Greg in nearly 15 years. The wedding was very nicely arranged and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

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