Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Bye Spot

This photo was from a few posts ago. It was taken on Mother's Day. To bring everyone up to date I have to tell you that Lindy is very afraid of animals and especially dogs. And Spot, my parents little dog, was no exception. But with each visit to Mamaw & Papaw'a Lindy was getting braver.
Molly & Lindy really liked giving Spot treats when they are there. Spot loved this because they would "treat" him bone after bone! We would have to put them out of reach most of the time. So on this day we were surprised to see Lindy hand feed Spot his bone. I snapped this photo as I am very proud of her.
The very next day we got the news that Spot had been taken to the vet. My dad found him by the house. He had been attacked by another animal. He was in bad shape. He did make it through surgery and was even feeling better on Tuesday. But his injuries were too server and he died Wednesday morning. My parents buried him next to the field on their property.
I explained it to the girls as best I could. They really did not understand so I took them down there to see where he was buried.

We took flowers and a "Spot like" figurine for his grave.

They had some questions. Like... "where's Spot" and "why did you (papaw) put Spot in the ground". They also worried he would be hungry without his treats. The more we talked about it the better they understood. They are still praying for him every night.

They will miss him and so will we.

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Tana Sue Hargett said...

I am so sorry to hear about Spot. He was a little cutie pie. The girls did a very good job on his grave. He is up in doggie heaven watching over Gracie now. The girls will always remember him.