Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Bash

Yesterday the girls had their big birthday bash. They were very excited all morning and drove me bonkers with questions.... "is it time for the party yet?".... "is Hallie coming to our party?".... "who is coming to our party? When they got through a series of questions, they'd start over with them again. "is it time yet?" Bless their hearts, they couldn't wait. While they were in the tub, I decorated the table with their party supplies. They loved the Hello Kitty cakes and balloons. Soon everyone was here, even Hallie. But the girls were so overwhelmed with all the people here they would hardly play. There was 17 people here and our house was pretty full! So let the party begin!!!

Here the girls are sitting all pretty with their cakes.

Here they are as we sang "Happy Birthday", they were singing too! (All morning Lindy had been singing "happy birthday to US") They were so cute here, grinning from ear to ear.

Blowing out their #4 candles!

Chocolate cake for Molly. White cake for Lindy and Hallie. They all got ice cream too. Yum-Yum!

Everyone enjoying cake and ice cream.

Waiting for the loot!

Rock star Lindy giving a free concert!

Mamaw & Papaw checking out the presents.

Sleeping bags!!! Lindy had to take hers to bed with her that night! Love em, Aunt Donna!

Papaw & Mamaw saved the best for last! A new "see-saw"! They really liked this. (so does momma) It even twirls round and round. Thanks Mamaw & Papaw!
They also received McD's cards and lots of cash. It was a great party. One I'm sure the girls will talk about for a long time. The long day ended with supper at Tequilas (Aunt Donna & the boys went too) and more play before hitting the sack way past their bed time. Thanks everyone! It was fun fun fun!

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