Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lindy's Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Lindy Ann!!
Today is our little Lindy's 4th birthday. Because the girls have colds they did not go to school. So, Lindy did not get to take her snacks today, hopefully tomorrow. She could have probably went, but she does not like to go without Molly. And I'm not pushing the issue, yet.
We stayed in again today, the 3rd day in a row. We are beginning to gt a little stir crazy, but managed alright. They played Go Fish and dress up. They did not get the TV all day as we were watching the Inauguration of President Obama. I did manage to get them to take a nap this afternoon then gave them a bath. They were anxious to try the new tub toys their Aunt Donna gave them. Mamaw called her to wish her a Happy Birthday.
I made home made pizza for supper. I think pizza is one of our families favorites. Then for dessert I had made a giant cookie for Lindy. She thought it was pretty cool. We sang Happy Birthday to her and she blew out the #4 candle with a big smile. But all day she would say she was 5 years old today, but hold up 4 fingers. We are working on this one!
She thought I needed a gift on her birthday though. After putting them to bed she started coughing allot. She gave me back the pizza and cookie!! YUCK!! I even had to give her another bath.... the worst from her yet!! It took me 45 minutes to clean up the mess. Poor thing, she'll be hungry for breakfast for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Lindy and Molly! Oh wow...they're 4! I love the Cakes and Cookie you made. I hope the kids feel better soon. Yuck. We have been staying home most days with a few outings now and then. That is the only way we stay healthy. Stir crazy though for sure. Take care, Denise