Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice & Snow Days

I tried to post this yesterday, but I couldn't get the photos to upload, so her it is today. On Monday (the 26th) the weatherman predicted a wintry mix of wet stuff. It started around bedtime and by Tuesday morning we had a few inches of snow. Rita needed me to work at her shop on Tuesday. (Rita owns The Attic Baby & Consignment Shop uptown) Everyone that works there needed to attend a funeral. So I went up there to open up. It was pretty slick but I made it fine. I opened and shoveled the walk out front, then it began to sleek hard. There were only a few customers, so after I got what work need done I closed up at noon. I had told Rita that my sitter was unable to come due to the weather, so I had to go home at noon so Dave could get some sleep. It was lots worse at noon. Very slick and everything was covered with ice. It sleeted ALL day and evening. I was worried that the power would go out. Thankfully it did not, but just south of here there are thousands without still. We were lucky. The sleet turned back to snow and my Wednesday morning we had another 9" of snow on top of the 2" of ice! And this is what I saw in the back yard when I woke up!

Yep, it was a double carport. It folded up like an accordion! Thank goodness the vehicles were not under there! David was at work. There is a couple of lawn mowers that may be junk now (they were anyway)

The girls were begging to go outside. I was worried about them being a little sick still but agreed to a short trip out. So we bundled up with lots of layers and went outside. They had a great time.

They finally got to make snow angels. The snow was deep enough that they fell allot, but was laughing and kicking the snow around. They wanted to make a snowman, but the snow would not pack well enough. We stayed out about 45 minutes, then came inside for hot cocoa.

After resting we decided to make snow ice cream! The girls thought this was so neat. They helped me mix up the ingredients.

YUMMY! Thanks to Carrie for the recipe.
Snow Ice Cream
1 gallon snow
2 cups milk
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 cup sugar

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Lacy said...

You must live near us. We got the same 'wintery mix". Uggh... I am not a snow person. I keep asking myself why I live here. I think it is because of fall. I love fall!