Monday, January 19, 2009

"Me Too. Me Too!"

This girl just cracks us up! Her favorite words are "me too". She wants to do everything Molly does, even if it's NOT a good thing. She also had a tiny bit of a jealous streak in her. Not in a mean way, but she like the attention. Like this....
My parents baby sat for me for a few hours last Friday so I could get things done for their party on Saturday. When they are around my dad they run and jump and play like there's no tomorrow. We are constantly reminding him that he is no spring chicken!! Anyway, Molly "forgot" to go potty and peed in her pants. Too busy to go! Of course my dad started teasing and playing with her about it. Lindy is watching papaw play with Molly. Well, you can guess what happened next. Yep! Lindy quietly goes to the bathroom, then comes out wet to the socks! When mamaw gets her wet pants off, she per seeds to run around bare bottomed (like Molly was) wanting papaw to chase her too! I guess my parents laughed until they cried!
This is not the first time Lindy has pulled a stunt like this. And I'm sure hope it's not the last. We love you Lindy, just like you are!

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