Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Matthew 24:42
Stay awake!
For you do not know on which
day you Lord will come.
This verse is straight to the point. And it is so true! If you found yourself standing at Heavens Gate today, would you get in? I sure hope we do. I sometimes wonder if I'm following the path as I am suppose to. You know, days when you feel maybe you haven't been the best person you can be. Maybe you've gotten angry for some reason or acted out in one way or another. Yeah, those kind of days when nothing is going right, no time or no sleep.... the list can be endless. When I feel this way I pray for help. When your heart softens and calmness comes over your body, you can feel it.... the peacefulness of Jesus is there! So, stay awake people! Always remember that the Lord could come today! Are you ready?
What am I thankful for this week? It has been a full week here at our house. So many things, big and small. Let's see.....
1. I am thankful for birthdays. Our girls turned four this week. We were able to celebrate with a party on Saturday.
2. I am thankful for cold medicines and thermometers. Without them our we would suffer through the cold and flu season felling miserable. (the kids have been sick all week, even missing school)
3. I am thankful that I can be at home when the girls are sick. Being able to hold them when they don't feel good is priceless to me. Not so much fun to clean up flu messes!
4. I am thankful for telephones and computers. When you are stuck in the house for days on end they help you remember there is life out there!
5. And I am thankful to witness the inauguration of the 44th President of the USA. It was truly a historic day. It is my hope the President Obama will do good things for this country.

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