Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Okay, you know how I complained the other day about our utility bill being so high (more that a weeks pay high)? Keep reading, this get good!! Well, I decided to balance the checkbook today (online) and you know what I found?!? You guessed it.... the utility co. has deducted our bill TWICE!! Yes, you read it right. And the worst part is.... there was NOT enough money in there for that! They had done the transaction today, so off I sent DH with a copy in hand to the bank and utility office. Probably a good thing I sent him!! They may have kicked me out of there and discontinued our service (can you tell I was a little upset). Anyway, before DH even got home, the lady was calling here to say it was going to be corrected hopefully today. And, get this, they'd pay any charges we might have from their mistake! (yeah, I know you will) This is kinda unsettling to me because I've not ever over drafted before. Not to say I haven't came close more than a few times! But it happened and it's done (I hope). Good thing I didn't have to use the debit card today huh!

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