Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Molly

Our little lady bug turned four years old today. She woke this morning all smiles and excited that it was her birthday. Although she is feeling better she still has a cough and runny nose so she stayed home from school. We decided to take Lindy to see the doctor. She is worse and I thought her breathing is labored. She temp also spikes at times and she still isn't eating well. So we all got baths and loaded in the car for a trip to Evansville.
We were in the office for nearly two hours. Not a great way for Molly to spend her birthday. Lindy was tested for RSV and it came back positive. So we spent a good amount of the day getting set up with breathing treatments and medications for Lindy.
After we got home we ordered pizza while I finished Molly's giant cookie. After supper we sang the birthday song to her and she made another wish. All weeks she has been coming up to me and saying "I wish my mom would give me a kiss". Of course I jumped right on to that. Then she would grin and say "my wish came true!" Now isn't that the sweetest thing ever!!
She & I spent the evening getting my supplies ready for this weekends bridal fair here in town. This will be the fourth year I have participated. I set up a small table at one of the stores here in town and give out samples of cake and mints.
It is now way past her bedtime! I am yawning myself. My sleep this week has been very broken up because I'm checking on the girls often throughout the night. And tonight look like more of the same.
Happy Birthday Molly Nichol! We love you!

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