Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 4 In China-3 Years Ago

February 4, 2006
On our 4th day of our trip more sight seeing was scheduled. It was still pretty cold, but warmer than the day before. We hadn't took winter coats because we were spending the majority of our time in southern China, where it was warm. So we thought we could tough it out. Well, I was a wimp! I froze the whole time in Beijing. We wore just about all the clothes we took!

On this day we went to the Great Wall, the Cloisonne Factory and the Summer Palace. It was a long day, but we enjoyed it so much.

The top photo is taken on the shore of Lake Kunming. It is a man made lake at the Summer Palace. In the photo, you can see the frozen lake and the Palace (where the emperors lived in the summer months) in the background. The bottom photo was also taken at the Summer Palace. The city was alive with new construction in preparation for the 2008 summer Olympics.

This photo was taken at the bottom of the Great Wall. David and some others from our group climbed as far as tourist could. He was very proud of himself, as he should have been. It was no easy feat. I only climbed a few steps to take a photo, and that was enough for me. I refused to take any chances! After all, I had a baby to take care of!!

Between the two places we ate lunch at the cloisonne factory. It was interesting, a authentic Chinese meal. We were able to do some shopping there as well. Then on the drive to the Palace we drove by the Olympic stadium. It was being built, but I could tell what it was. It already looked like a birds nest!
We had planned to eat at the Beijing Hard Rock that night, but had paperwork to do for the adoption. So we ate at the restaurant again and hit the sack early. Tomorrow is the big day!!!

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