Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally Home- 3 Years Ago

February 15, 2006

We traveled the whole day of the 15th We started out very early in Guangzhou with a short flight to Hong Kong. I believe our layover there was about 2 hours. Then the very long flight to Newark took 15+ hours. Here we had to gather all our bags and go through customs, then find our gate for the next leg of the trip and go through security again. But it all went smoothly. Molly did wonderfully on the fights. We did not reserve a seat for her, but as luck would have it we ended up with an empty seat between us. It was really nice having a place to lay her down some. Our last flight was delayed about 30 minutes. For me this was the worse part!! Our trip to Louisville went well. Molly slept most of the way.

We got off the plane and found a bathroom. We all were about to bust (Molly's diaper was very full). It took us a few minutes to get all situated before we walked out of the secured area and saw our families. It sure was a sight for sore eyes. It was good to see them. We were surprised to see so many there, as I thought only my parents and another couple were going to greet us. The top photo above is everyone who met us at the airport. Then the bottom pic greeted us as we hit the city limits of Mt. Carmel. It was good to be home!!

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