Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Week

We've had a good week around here. The girls have finally went back to school. Monday was hard getting them around, we all had gotten use to sleeping in. It is still very cold and it snowed again on Tuesday.

Wednesday my mom and I went to see Celine Dion in concert in St. Louis. It was a long day. We left her house at 1:00. We parked at the Union Station and walked around there for a while. We decided to eat at Landry's Seafood Restaurant. It was yummy!! Then we walked a few blocks to the center for the concert. It was very good. We really enjoyed it. I got home at 3:00 in the morning. David had taken a vacation day so he & the kids were sound asleep.

Here the girls are coloring their dot to dot pages they worked on.
They really like to play card games. Their favorite is Go Fish. They have a hard time holding the cards in their hands so most of the time they spread them out on the floor. Here they are playing by them selves. They are not having any luck getting matches!! HUMMM! Maybe it's because they have the deck of alphabet flashcards instead of the go fish cards! But they didn't care, "it's fun momma".
The weather is warmer today. I'm hoping after lunch the girls can go out on the carport and use their "see saw" for a while. The snow should melt away today. But they are predicting a lot of rain. Yuck. We have a packed weekend coming up with a couple of parties to attend. We are looking forward to that.

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