Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 5 In China- 3 Years Ago

February 5, 2006
Gotcha Day
This day started early as we had to fly from Beijing to Guangzhou. We left the hotel before breakfast was served, so we had a sack breakfast in the bus. I remember the flight being so full, we didn't get to sit together. But I was sitting by someone in our group. The food on this flight was pretty strange, so I barely ate. We arrived in Guangzhou on time and boarded our bus for the White Swan Hotel. The weather was very different than Beijing. As a matter of fact The weather got bad soon after we left. Beijing had a major snow storm and it shut down the airport there. We were lucky to have gotten out.
So we arrived at the White Swan. It is a beautiful place, with a tropical feel. It took some time to get checked in and our room was not yet clean. So we wait and wait. With only about 20 minutes to spare we finally got to our room. The rush was on to get prepared. Things we needed to take to the Civil Affairs office were packed into our luggage. We packed our diaper bag and threw together our gifts, gathered paperwork, checked the cameras and out the door we ran.
The ride to the Civil Affairs Office took about a half hour. We arrived and took the elevator to the 4th floor. Into a room we packed. 14 families were waiting for their girls. The excitement ran high among us all. Tears were already flowing. Then the babies came. One by one the children were brought into the room. We were the third couple to receive our baby.

The top photo is our first glimpse. She was being held by the male (he was most likely the driver) and she was the most beautiful little thing I ever saw! She had a bewildered look on her face, but she was not crying. David took her from the guy and she came right to him. The bottom photo here shows our first family hug.

She was doing so well. After what felt like a year (only a minute I'm sure) I reached for her. Dave handed her to me. The top picture is the first time I held her. She smelt so good, just like a baby should. We take turns holding her and she continues to be calm. There is so much going on in the room, but we are oblivious to it. Lots of crying and unhappy babies. We are so focused on Molly. She continues to be calm and played with a toy. I talk to the orphanage director. She gives us a photo album and a bottle that Molly likes. Soon we are whisked to the waiting bus. She is still calm, with a confused look.

Back at the hotel we take off her coat, sit her on the bed and just stare at her. She is so precious. She likes the toys in front of her. We can not believe what has taken place. Still, not a tear, until I change her diaper. She isn't fond of that. After some cuddle and play time we realize we haven't eaten all day. It is late when we venture to the deli next to the hotel for a sandwich. We also buy diapers and juice at the 7-11. We decide not bathe her tonight, she has had enough excitement for one day. So I change her clothes and feed her a bottle. She likes it very warm (OK hot). So hot in fact it makes her sweat! She falls asleep in my arms. We lay her in the crib and stare at her. What a day this has been. It is hard to put it into words, but we had to be the happiest people on earth that night. She was perfect and she was ours!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry
Happy Gotcha Day! Your blog entry made me cry. What a great post and pictures. I don't remember Molly ever being so tiny!!! I guess time flies so fast. That was definitely one of the best moments in our lives. Enjoy celebrating the memories with your family today.