Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day- Thursday, Friday & Today

Molly got a hair cut on Wednesday. It is now up to her shoulder blades. Several inches shorter.
Wednesday morning the girls made out their Valentines for the school party.

Lindy was worried there wouldn't be any suckers left over!

Thursday morning was the Pre K Valentine Party. I took brownies and was asked to stay and help out in the room.

Here Lindy is painting her big lips on the board.

Molly's turn. They had a great time exchanging valentines with their friends and eating the goodies.

Thursday evening the pre K hosted a "stone soup" supper for the families. The girls had taken a can of green beans to school to make the soup with. Here they are trying it out. Of course they ate the dessert first.
This is Erica, a classmate. She's a sweetie!

After supper, they played and danced. Lots of fun for the kids.
Friday the girls did not have school, so we planned a play date with the JAM (just Asia moms) Group at the mall. We had lots of things planned. A birthday party for Kinsley, a Valentines Party, a Carousal ride and play area fun.

This is Kinsley and mom Amy. Kinsley brought valentines cookies for everyone. We sang happy birthday to her and she got presents. She will turn 4 on the 17th.

This is Emma and her mom Susan.

This is Laura and little Nicole (in the pink). I didn't get a good pic of her :(

This is Kaley and mom Krista.

This is Xia.

Lindy has a card from the carousal for her birthday. She could ride with 9 guests for free. So all the girls enjoyed this. Above is Emma.

(L-R) Xia, her mom Elisa, Nicole, Sadie (Xia's sister) and Kaley

And Molly & Lindy

Our Valentines Day started this morning with pancakes (made with white chocolate chips and pecans). We played around the house most of the morning. Then finished the day with a great meal at Applebee's.

Molly got a Valentine from classmate Jasper for a Applebee's dessert. She got strawberry. Yummy!

And Lindy got hot fudge. Thank you Jasper.
Happy Valentines Day!

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Chasity said...

Molly I adore your new haircut. You look so pretty!

It looks like all of you had a wonderful valentines Day.