Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Skating & A Surprise

The girls were invited to a birthday skating party last weekend. They have been a few other times and love it. This party was for their classmate Jasper. The picture above shows Molly with some of her little friends.
Molly showing off her skills at skating.

Lindy is a natural. (we had the rollers tightened up quite a bit)

Having fun!

Then Monday afternoon we had surprise visitors! Mamaw & Papaw stopped by after they were shopping in town. They were just in time to help out with our craft day.

Painting our own ring boxes. Molly kept saying "I'm an artist"

Lindy's was a masterpiece! She really enjoyed mixing the colors together!!

Yesterday we visited at Mamaw & Papaw's house. The girls took their box of play dough and had lots of fun with Mamaw. She likes to play with the stuff. They made pies and cookies, then pretended to put them into the oven. She is an awesome Grandma. She always has fun things lined up for them to do. Like a grocery store, a tea party, baking cookies & doing crafts.

My parents have a little outside dog named Spot. The girls are getting use to him. The first thing they want to do is throw him a treat. Yesterday my dad was showing them how to get him to do tricks.......
Dad: (holding a treat in his hand and waving it in circles) "Tell Spot circle, circle, circle" To which Spot would do doughnuts around and around!!
Molly: (holding a treat and waving it around said) "triangle, triangle, triangle"
I am still laughing today!


Anonymous said...

So good to read your blog entries. I can't believe the girls can skate already! Did you see the one poor child on his/her back in the background? Ouch. Your girls look like they are having so much fun. do they always get along so well? :)
Come on spring!

Chasity said...

Oh, my goodness, that is so adorable, and so amazing she knows her shapes. What a little cutie!

Sounds like Grandma and Grandpa are the most amazing grandparents to the girls. What a wonderful blessing.

I love Lindy's little leopard print outfit, she looks so cute!