Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vias Photo, Physical Exam, & Park- 3 Years Ago

February 2006

My days are running together in my mind. I am now not sure what we did on what days. By a few things we did do... Above we we to a really nice outdoor park. Not a park for kids, like botanical gardens kind. It was beautiful and the warmest day of our trip. It got 86* and very humid!

Here we are at the clinic to have Molly's physical exam taken for purposes of issuing her visa to enter the states. There were three stations to go through. Listening to her heart, check her hearing, height and weight. Then a all over exam, no clothes. She sis not like most of this exam! It didn't take too long. She is a healthy girl!

These photos are reversed. We actually had her visa photo (top) taken before the exam. Then walked over to the clinic. The sign at the clinic (by Dave's ear) says "clinic for international adoptions). We are getting closer to coming home!!


Chasity said...

Molly was such a cutie, she was so little. I love seeing your posts on your trip. You all look so incredible together.

Chasity said...

Molly was so little, and such a doll. I love your pictures of your trip. You all look so happy and excited!